1. What are the principle advantages of seperate floors and roof?
        a) Easier to lift and transport home and to move from place to place at home.
        b) Easier to paint and decorate. A seperate floor with the front and partions removed can be turned upside down if rquired to paint ceilings and walls.
        c) See the answers to the questions below for the many other advantages.

2.Can I add furthr Storeys to my existing House ?

        YES. All houses are made using CAD drawings and jigs, therefore any additional storey will fit an existing house. A basement or additional upper floors can be added at will.

3. Is their a limit to the nunber of storeys ?
        The limit will be determined by the stability of the of the house and the ability to reach the top floor. Wee Houses will be less stable due to their smaller footprint, but if the Wee Houses are fastened to a large baseplate or are placed against a wall then height would only be limited by the ability to reach the top floor.

4. Can I change the Front of my house to an alternative front ?
           YES. Again all fronts are made using CAD drawings and jigs, therefore if an alternative front is required it will fit an existing house.
5. Can I add a Basement to an exiting house ?
        YES. Provided the house front to which the Basement is to be added is not a bay window, then any of the Basements can be added.

6. Do I have to use both partitions on each floor?
        NO. The partitions are not load bearing and therefore can be dispensed with. Using both partitions gives 2 rooms plus a hallway, using one partition gives one larger room and one smaller room, with no partitions the whole of the ground floor is available. When one or no partitions are used, the stairs can be turned at right angles and placed against the back wall if required.

7. What do I paint the house with?
        At least 2 coats of paint are required to adequately cover MDF. Also their is a quick drying MDF clear sealer made by Rustins Ltd. which can be obtained from Milton Miniatures, 48, Hodges Street, Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7JD, Tel. No. 01942 702582 which will then require only one coat of paint or stain.
Note that one of the "Tester Pots" of paint obtainable from most paint suppliers will cover one room.


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