House Back Electrics1. Dolls House Concept design has allowed a gap to be created between Floors and between Floor and Roof to enable wires to pass from the back of the house to a light fitting either at ceiling level or floor level.

The Electric System is designed to use the "Cir-Kit" system of wiring.

Part Numbers in brackets refer to Cir-Kit items.

All these items can be obtained from :-
        W Hobby Limited
        Knight's Hill Squiare
         London SE27 0HH
Tel. No.   020 8761 4244

Twin Tapewire & Eyelets2. The back of every 1/12th scale Floor and Roof has a short length of Twin Tapewire (Cir-Kit Part No. CK1001) with Eyelets (Cir-Kit Part No. CK1023/2).
Ceiling Wire Drilled Holes3. Every 1/12th scale Floor has a hole drilled in the ceiling in the middle of each room (one hole in Wee  Houses and 3 holes in the larger houses) ready for the wire from a light fitting.

Holes can be drilled for electric wires required elsewhere, e.g. in the floor for floor lights or fires.

Light Fitting4. Light fittings are usually supplied with a Plug already fitted, the eyelets in the back of  the  Floors and Roof will take these plugs. If a plug is not fitted, then plugs can be obtained seperatley (Cir-Kit Part No. CK12/204). 
Junction Splice5. JUNCTION SPLICE Cir-Kit Part No. CK1007.

The Jumction Splice acts as an electric socket for a Connection Cable to the transfomer. Two nails punch into the Twin Wire to make the connection to the dolls house.

In order to keep the dolls house floors and roofs seperate, one Junction Splice is required for each floor and one for the roof
Connection Cable6. CONNECTION CABLE Cir-Kit Part No.CK1008/1.

This cable connects the Junction Splice to the transformer.

Again, one Connection Cable is required for each floor and one for the roof.

Disconnecting the Connection Cable will allow the individual floors and the roof to be removed without affecting the complete dolls house electrical system.
Connection Cable & Light FittingThis illustration shows the Light Plug, Junction Splice and Connection Cable in place.
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